Supplying a range of passive fire protection services across London, the South East and internationally.

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Structural Firestopping Within Floors

We are able to provide fire seals within the Structural floor slab with load bearing capabilities to meet our clients requirements.

Cavity Barriers

These inert systems prevent the unseen movement of flame and smoke within numerous concealed spaces throughout the entire structure of the building.

Acoustic Barriers/Seals

Providing sound reduction within floors and walls using the latest materials to suit our clients needs.

Soffit Insulation

The upgrading of new or existing concrete floor slabs to provide up to 240 minutes fire resistance or thermal insulation to meet the latest specifications.

Firestopping Walls and Floors

The reinstatement of breached and/or damaged Fire compartmentalisation using fully tested fire stopping systems supplied by leading manufacturers.

Fire Rated Movement Details

Fire barriers with high movement capabilities where the structural concrete floor slab abuts curtain walling and/or tops of walls.

Fire Rated Ductwork

Using fire rated boards we are able to form new ductwork or clad existing steel ductwork for fire resistance periods of up to 120 minutes.

Air Sealing

Ensuring new building projects are compliant to the building regulations approved Document Part L.

Structural Fire Protection to Steelwork

Using a boarded or sprayed fire protection system, steel frames supporting buildings can be insulated from the effects of fire for up to 240 minutes.